PhD defense Paula Gromann – January 28th 2019, 11.45

Mechanisms of Symptom Formation in Psychosis

Psychosis is ahighly heterogeneous disorder, consisting of loose clusters of varioussymptoms, which differ in terms of severity, frequency and course. This poses achallenge for research on psychosis. The thesis entitled ‘Mechanisms of SymptomFormation in Psychosis’ was aimed at examining mechanisms of symptom formationat different levels of the psychosis continuum. Specifically, thefour studies described in this thesis were based on two centraltopics: the relationship between bullying victimization and common non-clinicalpsychotic experiences in the general population, and illustrating the dynamicsunderlying the profound lack of trust, both at a behavioural and neural level,in healthy adolescents vs. adults, in patients and in first-degree relatives.