Katinka van der Kooij appointed as member of the Amsterdam Young Academy

Katinka van der Kooij (Human Movement Sciences) is one of the new members of the Amsterdam Young Academy. Members of the Amsterdam Young Academy are young and talented scientists and scholars, who not only excel in research or teaching but also possess an inspiring broad passion for science and scholarship, as demonstrated by a successful track record in one or more of the following areas: interdisciplinarity, science policy, science with and for society, outreach, relations between research and teaching, and internationalization. The Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) is an independent platform that brings together 30 talented and enthusiastic early career researchers from all faculties of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Katinka’s research blends the field of computational motor control with motivation psychology and gamification. By making predictions based on computational models of motor control and manipulating motivational experiences using game technology, she can address an important question in psychology: whether human experiences such as motivation influence “low level” automatic brain processes such as motor control. This multi-layered approach in which she assesses both informational and experiential qualities of learning environments also facilitates collaboration with developers of digital learning environments.