Colloquium by Roshan Cools

Roshan Cools Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, NL  Dopamine, Decisions and Cognitive Control Failures of cognitive control are common. Why do we so often fail to exert cognitive control? Classic (prefrontal) models of cognitive control address our ability to implement control. Recent advances have shifted the question to how we decide whether to recruit cognitive contr...
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Colloquium by Professor Amir Amedi

Professor Amir Amedi​ is a leading neuroscientist ​ working ​on unraveling ​the ​complex balance between ​stability and flexibility ​in the organization of​ our sense ​for over 15 years.  His main research interest involves our senses. He is an expert on Brain imaging of the senses, Restoration and Rehab of the senses and finally the Augmentation of Senses and developing super human sensory abilit...
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Colloquium by Professor Rik Henson

Rik Henson is Acting Director of the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Cognition and Brain sciences Unit (CBU) in Cambridge, England. His research concerns the systems neuroscience of human memory, using data from behavioural, neuroimaging and neuropsychological approaches. He is also an expert in fMRI and M/EEG analysis techniques. He obtained his first degree in Natural Sciences at the Universit...
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New book in Oxford Series in Human Cooperation

Trust in Social Dilemmas, by Paul A.M. Van Lange, Bettina Rockenbach, and Toshio Yamagishi (Eds) One of the key scientific challenges is the puzzle of human cooperation. Why do people cooperate with one another? What causes individuals to lend a helping hand to a stranger, even if it comes at a major cost to their own well-being? Why do people severely punish those who violate social norms and ...
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