Invitation iBBA expert-session ‘portable EEG & hyperscanning’

Tieme Janssen, Assistant professor at Clinical Neuro and Developmental Psychology got the encouraging news of receiving iBBA research support funding for two portable EEG systems, under the condition of organizing an expert-session on ‘portable EEG & hyperscanning’ to discuss the proposed systems, and whether they are useful for other iBBA members as well. If you work with EEG and/or are int...
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IBBA VU-AMS workshop – June 8th – 09.00-17.00

Are you interested in measuring heart rate, heart rate variability and skin conductance but are unsure how to perform these measurement, what device to use or expenses? Then register for the upcoming workshop on the Vrije Universiteit Ambulatory Monitoring System (VU-AMS) on Monday june 8th. During this workshop you will get hands-on experience on how the use the device and handling the data, whi...
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October 14th – Symposium prematuriteit, voeding en langetermijnfollow-up

Beste collega’s en geïnteresseerden, Op maandag 14 oktober vindt het symposium ‘Prematuriteit, voeding en langetermijnfollow-up’ plaats op de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We hebben een heel mooi programma met vooraanstaande onderzoekers uit binnen- en buitenland die hun licht zullen laten schijnen over de grote uitdagingen die vroeggeboorte met zich meebrengt. Onder de sprekers zijn ...
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PhD Defense Xiaoyue Tan – October 16th, 13:45

The Psychology of Loss ManagementMost people have to face occasions of losses in their lives. Yet most people are unprepared for major losses, which often happen unexpectedly. It is important to know more about how people respond to losses and how to manage losses in an uncertain world. We addressed these questions mainly by experiments, but also through qualitative and correlational approaches. ...
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PhD Defense Catherine Molho – October 10th, 13.45

Cooperation is a cornerstone of human societies, but there are many instances in which it breaks down—from minor daily conflicts to large-scale challenges such as human-caused environmental degradation. Researchers across multiple disciplines—social psychology, behavioral economics, evolutionary biology—have identified mechanisms that can promote cooperation and help avert ‘tragedies of the commo...
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