Lab tour – BW labs MF 4th and 6th floor

Lab tour – BW labs MF 4th and 6th floor

Friday the 10th of May from 13:00 and on, iBBA members from the human movement sciences will give research demos in their labs on the 6th and 4th floor of the Medical Faculty.

All demos will start every half-hour (i.e. 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30) and the idea is to visit them one by one in small groups. At 16:00 there is a colloquium bij prof. dr. Maartje Raijmakers (VU) in MF-A505. At 17:00 there will be drinks in the pantry (MF 5th floor “kitchen”).


A 629 Intercepting moving targets: Psychophysics and (eye)movement registration without head restriction (Eli Brenner/Jeroen Smeets).

B 645 Loopzaal (several demos)

H 669 Motion capture, EEG and EMG during the development of walking (Nadia Dominici and Coen Zandvoort)

A 411 Human Performance lab, thermophysiology (Hein Daanen)

4th floor C-mill, the adaptive treadmill (Melvyn Roerdink)

C 472 Using navigated TMS to make detailed maps of the motor cortex in a short time (Sjoerd Bruijn and Fang Jin)

C 479 Virtual reality (David Mann /Katinka van der Kooij)

C 482 Exploring Exploration (Nina van Mastrigt)