iBBA expert-session ‘portable EEG & hyperscanning’

iBBA expert-session ‘portable EEG & hyperscanning’




Program 24-03-2020 (12:00-13:30) – MF D142

·         30 minutes: introduction and discussion lead by Tieme Janssen

o   Why real-world neuroscience?

o   What are the prerequisites for mobile EEG hardware?

o   My own experience with mobile EEG

o   High profile papers with mobile EEG/hyperscanning and drawbacks

o   Why the SMARTING system?

o   Publications with SMARTING systems (validation)

o   Questions/discussion

·         15 minutes: work together in duo’s and discuss the following:

o   Are you interested in performing portable EEG research and/or hyperscanning?

o   If yes, describe one or more research ideas

o   Do you think the SMARTING devices will help you achieve this?

·         15 minutes: lunch

o   And further discussion

·         30 minutes: conclusion (plenary)

o   Share possible use-cases and research ideas

o   Share opinion about the SMARTING device

o   Ask additional questions (which Tieme may forward to the company)